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The other agency wurde 2022 von Hannah Meyer gegründet. Während des Gründungsprozesses war es uns besonders wichtig, dass klar deutlich wird, welche Vision wir mit the other agency verfolgen. Die Tatsache, dass neben der Fast Fashion Bewegung der Fokus auf hohe Qualität und nachhaltige Materialien nicht verloren gehen darf, liegt uns ganz besonders am Herzen. The other agency steht für tragbare und schöne Kleidung mit einem hohen Qualitätsstandard. Wir sehen uns in der Verantwortung allen Wünschen und Anliegen unserer Kunden nachzukommen und somit eine langjährige und erfolgreiche Geschäftsbeziehung aufrecht zu erhalten.


We take the broader view, proverbally „thinking outside the box“, and approach our day-to-day business with a foresighted and visionary perspective: That also applies to selecting the labels we represent – we develop unique concepts that adapt to our ever-changing times, an extraordinary feat in the fast-paced fashion industry. Especially with regard to recent trends and innovative developments, we firmly believe in our motto and conviction – and the success of the labels the other agency advocates. We are looking forward to experience and actively shape our common future and fruitful cooperation.

Our portfolio of services


Label selection & brand building

The selection of the labels we represent is firmly based on current market situations and developments. We provide our customers with comprehensive support in the building of their brand, and generate public interest to promote establishment in the market.


Label Consulting & Creation

We consult our customers in the drafting of an initial assortment plan, streamlining and optimizing their efforts. This is achieved through our hands-on and hand-in-hand approach that considers and includes the labels’ broad spectre of wishes and requirements and results in a customer-specific and individual order concept.


Digital presence & eMarketing

Our portfolio of service offers a broad spectre of additional benefits for your label, e.g. positioning your brand in the digital space via a modern online shop or a and cutting-edge website. For this purpose, we maintain close business ties with web agencies that take your individual concerns as seriously and as we do, and address your request with the required commitment and responsibility.

Our latest



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Six Ámes


Hannah Meyer

Warmth, comfort, excitement, courage, relaxation, coziness, affection: clothing can express all those facets of life (and so many more), trigger so many emotions, create so many moments, provide for so many memories. Die chance to be everything you desire to be, underline and at the same time cover your current mood, make you relive memories of a certain day, dig up a particular feeling, building a protective wall or a connecting bridge, or represent pride and courage: all those unique properties of fashion convince me every day anew that I have chosen the right path by pouring all my heart and soul into the other agency – and this experience is exactly what I wish to share with my customers, to both our mutual benefit. 

Committing my life and work to fashion, and inspiring and enthuse the people around me for all those things that I love, and which connected with this world, has proven to be my biggest passion and drive. The overarching goal that I have set for myself (I myself being my own biggest critic and cheerleader) is spreading the beautiful traits of fashion itself and the industry. I pursue this objective with complete passion and conviction, and take personal delight and professional pride in every magnificent label that I can whole-heartedly pass on to customers. In the recent years I have gained extensive experience in the diverse ports and hubs of the fashion industry – such having found not my favourite line of work but also, I might proudly say, my calling.  


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